Bary Berghmans Dr.


Dr. Bary Berghmans, organisatorisch directeur

Ik ben dr. Bary Berghmans, klinisch epidemioloog, gezondheidswetenschapper en bekkenbodem-fysiotherapeut. Als organisatorisch directeur ben ik verantwoordelijk voor de organisatie van het Pelvic care Center Maastricht, het bekkenbodemcentrum in het azM.

Dr. Bary Berghmans, PhD MSc PT, clinical epidemiologist, health scientist and pelvic physiotherapist, is especialized in conservative physiotherapy management for functional dysfunctions of the pelvic floor and bladder, like urinary and fecal incontinence. He is currently projectleader of  several scientific projects and senior researcher at the Department of Urology at the University Hospital Maastricht. Dr. Berghmans also is organizational director of the “Pelvic care Center Maastricht”, a multidisciplinary center for bladder and pelvic floor dysfunctions. Other regions of special interest are: sexual dysfunction, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, colorectal dysfunctions.